BONBOM is the brand owned and artistically directed by the designer Bonbom Jo. He majored Menswear at London College of Fashion on 2019. He lived in Texas, United States of America and Denmark when he was a child. He also lived in Paris while he worked at Y/PROJECT as a pattern cutting intern.

Since launched in 2020, BONBOM debuted with the first collection, the Summer 21 Collection, in September 2020. The creativity-driving label has steadily released collection according to the Paris Fashion Week calendar which is 4 times a year. After presenting Summer 21, Fall 21, Winter 21, Spring 22, Summer 22, Fall 22, BONBOM debuted Fashion Week in Seoul. BONBOM’s Winter 22 collection was the opening runway show of Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2022-2023. And now Team BONBOM is preparing the Spring 23 collection which will be the essential collection consisting of essential carryover items making the archive items in black coloured fabric in order to emphasize the beauty of the silhouette and structure. The collection will be presented at Paris by participating PFW showroom in partnership with ‘Future Society Show’.

Currently, he is based in Seoul, but is gradually preparing to base in Paris, France. This currently-Seoul-based brand pursues high fashion and total fashion which is not a street casual basic wear but giving emphasize on the sensuality and dressing up targeting young M-Z generation. The brand pursues a hybrid sensibility that goes back and forth between tailoring and street-wear, couture and real-way, sporty elements and cultural reference on historical garments, past and present, present and future.

He tries to define what dressing-up means today in the era of comfortable street casual wear. There are many unisex items in this brand, but rather than combining men's and women's wear, both of them are versatile without losing their presence (masculinity and femininity as they are).

As a result, BONBOM’s final goal is to successfully and consistently showing the process of young designer-brand becoming a high-fashion brand supported by artistic talent, passion, unique high-end taste, creative design, and borderless marketing strategy.

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